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Engineers Institute Australia is the only institute in Australia to provide Designing Single and Double Storey Dwellings Course all based on Real Projects

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Our Structural Designing courses are based on Real Life Projects and is professionally curated by our highly professional skilled instructors. These courses are designed to get our students ready for an actual project.

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Have you just graduated? Looking for employment? Looking for some experience in Structural Engineering field? If the answer is yes then let us help you get ready for your professional life. We provide tons of informational content and guidance to our students to help you

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We provide multiple courses on Single storey and Double Storey Dwellings. We also provide numerous short bite-sized courses and free courses on various topics. We also provide  GUARANTEED 12 WEEK Internship in a well established organisation.

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We provide range of Structural Engineering Courses that starts from basics of Structural Engineering to Detail topics such as Framing and Footing design of Single and Double Storey Dwellings

Single Storey Dwelling Course (With Internship)
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EIA Blog

Importance of ‘Lay’ in structural design

Lay: It is the minimum length of the region in the member where there is no twisting or torsion. As per AS 1720.1 – 2010, Lay is defined as the distance between points of effectively rigid restraint between which bending about the minor axis would be produced by buckling under load.

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EIA Blog

Types of Roof System

A roof is a top covering of the building to provide protection against the snow, sunlight, rain, extreme temperatures, as well as winds. In other words, a roof system is a set of connected elements to provide a stable support system to the roof and coverings.

Based on architectural and client requirements, roof systems are classified based on roof exposure, roof structural system and roof slope.

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Moly is currently working as a senior structural engineer & manages the structural designing team, forensic team & R&D department. Working side by side with engineers, graduates & interns day in & day out, she has excellent knowledge & understanding of the challenges & the needs engineers are faced with.




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