Tailored Learning Solutions


We believe that when an organization depends on the skills and experience of engineers, their professional development and upskilling is a part of the investment that has better ROI than any other asset.

EIA has worked with organisations in the Engineering and Architectural space to build capacity of their staff to be able to perform effectively. We can offer a range of training courses to suit the needs of a particular organisation or partnership, and work closely with organisations to develop a programme which will be highly effective and applicable to the context in which the participants are working in.

Depending on the needs and wishes of an organisation, EIA can deliver existing training courses such as the ‘Designing Single & Double Storey Dwellings” courses, or develop further courses which tailor the content specifically to the organisation being trained. Some examples of courses which can be delivered are:
  • Construction Knowledge of Australian Residential Industry
  • Introduction to Framing Design
  • Designing Double Storey Dwellings
  • Designing Single Storey Dwellings


Developing tailored training

All EIA courses can be tailored for the specific needs of an organisation, or new courses can be developed for organisations based on established and tested tools and theory. Typically, a tailored course would be developed in close consultation with an organisation over two stages:
  • Scoping and needs assessment
  • Workshop design and material development

    During the scoping and needs assessment stage, EIA will research and review an organisation’s current activity, objectives, challenges faced and specific skills needs. This will be conducted in consultation with key personnel through interviews and the analysis of available materials. The findings will enable the project team to design a training course most appropriate to the needs of the participants and the organisation’s objectives.

    The findings from this stage will be used in the workshop design and material development to adapt existing and established EIA training materials to the context of the organisation. For sections of the training which use case studies or role plays, material will be developed which either uses current examples of the organisation’s projects or is adapted to ensure direct relevance to the participants work.
  • Why Choose the Tailored Training Option?

  • Focused content: bespoke training designed to fit your needs
  • Specialized topics: custom designed seminars & courses designed for you in your industry
  • Engage your team: ensure a cohesive approach within your organization
  • Learn from the best: expert instructors at the cutting edge of their disciplines
  • Meet AS/NZS requirements: custom training that means something
  • Tailored training for engineers & tailored training for architects



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